Scriptures in bible where the principles of operant conditioning

Affective responses are not mystical or even spiritual although emotional reactions often accompany spiritual experience. As a matter of fact, I find that the Bible clearly sets chastisement aside as a possible response for rebellion the Hebrew word for foolishness in Prov.

Parents and teachers that force compliance to rigid and arbitrary rules too often produce rebellious offspring who avoid church as teenagers and adults. I have found in my study that the opinions of commentators vary just as widely as the opinions of authors who write parenting books.

The Jewish Sabbath has many similar things with the Christian doctrine. Jonah is one character who received a punishments for his actions and because of his punishments he decided to change his behavior. The most reliable study comes from researching the meaning of individual words and phrases in the original languages.

And it cannot be reasonably denied that many of the results they produce are beneficial.

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To be consistent in translation, however, chastisement as a response to rebellion does not seem to be applicable to very young children, but to older youths and young men.

For a number of years behavioral psychology has been an important influence upon teaching in many public school classrooms.

Why does the age of the child matter? An oparent is set of acts which condition an organism has to carryout. The question might well be raised, can or even should such interventions be used in the Sunday school classroom? A behavior therapist functions much as a physical therapist would, identifying a problem and suggesting ways for the problem to be solved.

The Bible is certainly not opposed to behavior modification or increased choice 1 Timothy 4: The measurement need not be precise to be helpful-even questions asked by the instructor at the end of class is better than no assessment at all.

I was glad to attend the church section where I saw children being taught about the importance of education to education. There are other verses in Scripture where the word chastise is used that have no clear reference to physical punishment from God towards His children as opposed to verses referring to actual stripes and the rod.

Yet without such precision, ambiguity is likely and it is possible that even a wellmeaning teacher will achieve little in the Sunday School hour. Holt, Rinehart and Winston,p. Operant coniditioning is shown throughout the entire Bible.

In this paper, behavioral objectives, church related skills, and emotions related to Sunday school are considered as important contributions behavioral psychology can make to church education.

Boredom and frustration are minimized in such a context. The word foolishness comes from: Behavioral techniques can help Christians who are struggling against their sinful natures, but for complete victory nothing can replace the power of the Holy Spirit Galatians 5: Skinner can be a formidable tool in the hands of a competent Christian counselor.

If we are not wholly submitted to and reliant upon Him, then we will lack the discernment and character needed to help bring our children into a submitted relationship with God. However, following God is not about cleaning up our act.

Before I post my conclusions based on my study, I want to say that some specific authors esp. Yet the heart is where the real person resides. Other areas of Christian education could be explored for the potential use of behavioral methodology, such as the Christian education of the slow learner or mentally retarded.

Learning Theory and Christian Leadership

Conclusion Behavioral theory and technology can be a great asset to the church in Christian education, when used with care and expertise. Skinner and Albert Bandura are the primary behavior theorists. Even with all its problems, behaviorism hits upon a truth. Since this fear reaction occurs in church, it can become a conditioned response to the church building.

Skinner was married to the former Yvonne Blue and they had two daughters. We respond in most cases by performing or avoiding those behaviors in order that our lives may be more peaceful and pleasant. One reason God instructed the Israelites to destroy the nations they conquered was that He knew the pagan culture would be a negative influence.

Adam and Eve is another example of operant conditioning. In addition to the above stated concerns, Prov. Christians can use behavior therapy in a biblical manner if it is properly corrected by the Bible. Christians have a variety of views concerning psychology. In its purest form, behavior therapy is rarely practiced, though certain of its concepts and techniques are used in conjunction with other theories.

From a strictly practical viewpoint, they work.Operant coniditioning is shown throughout the entire Bible.

operant conditioning

Operant conditioning is where we learn to associate actions with consequences. Identify a situation in your life where you believe your reaction was based on one or more of the principles of classical conditioning. Also, describe an example in the Bible where the principles of Operant conditioning are illustrated.

Study Lecture 3: Basic Principles of Operant Conditioning flashcards from Elizabeth Mayy's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Learn faster with spaced repetition. The four training methods that the militaries use are (1) brutalization, (2) classical conditioning, (3) operant conditioning and (4) role modeling.

As in the military context, these same factors are contributing to the phenomenal increase of violence in our culture—because it is so prominent in the media. 41 Bible Verses about Conditioning Of The Body.

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operant conditioning

Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

Scriptures In Bible Where The Principles Of Operant Conditioning. Operant Conditioning The following paper will examine the concept of learning as well as how this concept of learning is related to cognition. Through this examination there will be a description of the theory of operant conditioning, a comparison and contrasting view of positive and negative reinforcement, and a determination.

Scriptures in bible where the principles of operant conditioning
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